December News

Happy Holidays and Welcome to the new Xcessories Squared website!

Stay safe for the remainder of 2023, Traffic Sign designers, contractors, installers, and inspectors. Welcome to the new and evolving and expanding Xcessories Squared website - home of the most extensive set of Traffic Sign Support Products and supporting information in the sign support industry. We strive to earn your benefit and use of our products and team of representatives.

Great things are happening within the highway signing industry and you need to stay informed. Visit this website often to keep up with important information regarding sign assemblies and system details.

Thank you for your use of our products and expertise throughout the 2023 construction season!

As Winter continues on, we still look forward to working with you through the rest of 2023 to assist you with your decisions and ground mounted sign assembly needs. We hope you are all planning to attend the 2024 ATSSA Expo in San Diego. We look forward to seeing you there.

Let us know when you are ready for your state to experience a seminar, have a presentation at a district meeting, or regional conference; to learn about our line of MASH-16 Compliant sign support product assemblies and structures or just to get an update on what is happening in the ground mounted signing arena.